Foam Fest 2019 (and Mud Hero Ultra 2019)

Hello my fellow fitness freaks! I know it’s been a few days since I posted, but I wanted to have some pics for when I did. So now I have pics in hand and am ready to type!

On Saturday, THE HOTTEST DAY of 2019 so far, some friends and I “competed” in the 5Km Foam Fest which took place in Carleton Place at Marked Paintball. This event was put on by 365 Sports, the same people who put on the 10Km Mud Hero Ultra that I did earlier this year (Before the blog got started, sorry!). It was a blast! I put the word competed in quotation marks because we were not in it to achieve our best 5Km race time. This was definitely a fun run, and all ages appropriate. I believe you had to be 8 years old to run the race and do the obstacles. So nothing was overly challenging, it was more about getting out, getting sudsy, and having fun!

I ran in the 9:15 am heat, and while some teammates grumbled at the early hour when I booked it, when the day arrived and it felt like 42C with the humidex, they stopped complainig about the earlier start time!

As far as suggestions for this race, I only have few:

  • Buy your tickets early, as the closer to the date it gets, the prices will go up.
  • HYDRATE!!!! It is hot and sunny and you will need the extra water! Drink up, before, during, and after!!
  • Wear sunscreen! You are wearing less expecting to get wet and foamy, so be sure to apply sunscreen, especially to any particularly pale areas!
  • It is 100% ok to wear sunglasses. Having just run the mud hero ultra, I didn’t think sunglasses would survive the course, so I did not wear mine. And I missed them sorely. Having completed the course, now I can say you are completely fine to wear sunglasses. You will have to hold them for one water slide, but other than that they are perfectly safe on your face.
Here you can see the difference between the mud hero ultra finish line and the foam fest finish line. THIS is why I thought sunglasses would not survive!

Both events were very well organized, and a lot of fun to do. If I had to pick a favourite of the two, it would have to be the Mud Hero. I think because it felt like such an ACCOMPLISHMENT. The obstacles were true obstacles in that they were at times, quite challenging to complete. Also, the length of the race. It was 10Km as opposed to 5Km. Up until the Mud Hero, the longest I had run this year was 4Km, and since has been 5Km, so the distance was also a victory for me. And, the weather. Given that Mud hero is early June and Foam fest is mid July, the latter was obviously a sunnier, hotter race.

All of that is NOT to say that I did not have a great time at Foam Fest! I certainly did! I just didn’t have a chance to post about Mud Hero so figured I would do a combined post seeing as how they are put on by the same folks. I love obstacle races because they are a great way to get active, while giving you a reason to act silly and get dirty. Our team is the Pirates (#Ithoughttheysaidrum) and we dress up, and scream ‘Yargh’, and have an all around amazing time.

The pirates in full gear

All of the obstacles are a blast to do. My personal favourite from Foam Fest, was one where you had to run across foam floating rafts on a large muddy water pit (ideally, without falling in!). It totally made me feel like I was in the matrix haha.

Matrix bridge

Mud hero had challenging obstacles like hanging rings, walls to scale, rope climbs, as well as more…. challenging nature obstacles, like giant lakes of mud to cross!

Me, climbing out of a mud pit I just crawled through

Another wonderful thing about these races is that it is a well rounded, fun experience for participants and spectators alike. Your ticket gets you into the race, your bib, high resolution photos shot by photographers on site (for free!), showers/rinse stations afterwards, change tents, porte-potties on site, beer tents and food trucks on site, your finishers medal, a towel, and a drink of some kind (coconut water at mud hero and sparkling water at foam fest – whoever the sponsor happens to be). And spectators get in for free and can obviously access everything except the race. So you really can make a great day of it!

For anyone who thinks that this might be a fun thing to do, I can not recommend it highly enough. Grab some friends, get out there and get dirty! It is SOOOOOO satisfying to challenge yourself with obstacles that you would never get a chance to try elsewhere. Like sand bag pulls or sandbag carries. Vertical rope challenges. Scaling a wall. Rope ladders. Army crawling through mud pits. Balancing on ropes over a pool. Adult slip and slides. The cities largest inflatable water slide. There is no “winning” or “failing”. Falling and getting dirty is honestly half the fun! Get ready to laugh at yourself and your friends as you get your body moving and enjoy the summer weather while we can!

Will I see you at the next 365 Sports event??

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