Training; old legs and new

Ok, my fellow fitness freaks. I am FINALLY getting back into some semblance of a routine! Last week, I managed to hit the gym with trainer Britt! It. Felt. Wonderful!!!!! We did a new routine, so it was all fresh and interesting and challenging. It felt so great to be moving my body again, trying to drink enough water, eat well, my usual! I had definitely fallen into a bad slump of being pretty sedentary (3-4 dog walks a day, but no real SWEAT sessions) and eating whatever I wanted (and trust me, what I wanted did not tend to be of the healthy variety!). So the gym session was the first step back on to the fitness wagon.

Here’s what we did for the new routine:

The new routine

Today, I went for a run. It was slow. And hard. And felt WAY longer than it was, but I DID IT!!!!!!!! I didn’t give up! I ran every run segment of the program and never gave up, despite wanting to 3/4 of the way through!

I am running the same zenlabs couch to 10km app I’ve been using for a while now. Week 9, day 2. Today consisted of the following:

  • 5 min brisk warm up
  • 4 x (10 min running, 1 min walking)
  • 5 min cool down walk

All in all, I went 6.64 km….. not the greatest for such a long time running, but hey, I was out there, I was doing it! Every step counts! Plus? I had an adorably cute running companion for my first 3 km:

Give it up for Gambit’s first 3k!

This is a new experience for me! Caspian is an older dog, very small, and completely blind, so running with him was never an option. Gambit is young, larger, and sighted, so he’s my first four legged running companion!

For size reference: Caspian is 10lbs while Gambit is 18.5lbs!

I think that gambit could have run the full 6, but he was getting a little sluggish and disinterested it seemed, so for a first run, I wanted to leave on a positive and well engaged note. Hopefully, so that he wants to run with me again! It REALLY tuckered him out!! Which was great for lowering his energy level and overall reactiveness to things!

It was a bit of an adjustment for me, too. I had to be way more alert to things he may get distracted by so that he didn’t bolt and trip me! Thankfully, that never happened, but you never know! He’s pretty strong! I also had to take an unplanned bathroom break for him to do his business, and for me to pick it up, tie the bag, attached it securely to avoid a flying poop bag incident, ya know, all the usual dog walking stuff, but on a run. That was the second reason for him to only do half the run. It still gave me 30 min of total zen time. At least until we oil out our runs together.

Tomorrow, I am meeting trainer Britt for another gym session, so hopefully this is the END of my fitness dry spell and I am back on the wagon!

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I am a self proclaimed gym rat and trail running lover, but I haven't always been. It took me a long time to find the peace and joy that physical fitness can provide!

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