Returning with a Vengeance!

Well! I went from not getting my sweat on at all, to working out on the daily! And let me tell you, it feels GREAT!

As I mentioned in my last post, I went for a run with the handsome 4-legged Gambit on Monday. Yesterday, I hit the gym with Trainer Britt and did an awesome full body workout with a focus on legs (well, it was really one exercise that really focused on legs, but it was KILLER!). Here’s what we did:

Tuesday’s workout, can you pick what killed me?

We are now a few months in to our training and she is definitely upping the anti! For starters? The stair master is our WARM UP! What happened to my nice gentle treadmill warm up? I am huffing and puffing almost immediately! Ok, ok, I may be a stair master weenie, but at least allow me to shed a tear or two!

The paloff press side rotation with hold was a great core exercise, that also used my glutes and my arms. Honestly? The hold was the hardest part of this exercise! The key is to keep your core tight and not allow your body to compensate by bending or ‘sagging’ to relieve strain.

The killer for me was the inverted leg press sets!!! We reduced our weight so that we could really work on gaining that full range of motion. One rep here was to lower down, as far as you can without your bum lifting from the seat, knees wide, hold for second, lift half way, hold for a second, lower all the way, hold for a second, then lift all the way up. That’s one. Start right into the next rep immediately no break! Our first set we did 6, then 7, then 8, then 7, then 6. My legs were JELLY! For me, this was both the hardest and the most satisfying exercise of the day! I always feel so powerful when I leg press, and with this rep pattern, it was especially challenging and therefore especially rewarding! The goal here is to gain power and strength in the lower half of the squat, where you are typically the weakest. Doing this killer exercise will help to dramatically improve your squats!

We finished off with a superset of dead hangs and battle ropes. Battle ropes have been getting a lot of attention lately, but to be perfectly honest? I don’t see what all the fuss is about.I have a shoulder injury in BOTH shoulders, so perhaps I’m soured on this exercise by having to be on guard CONSTANTLY to ensure I don’t aggravate those old injuries. Most other exercises I do, that is not a fear I need to have. Brittany loves them though, and I trust her judgement, so, battle ropes I do (carefully).

Dead hangs are also not a favourite of mine, but that is simply because I SUCK at them!!!! My grip strength is apparently terrible (how did I ever survive for hours on the monkey bars????) and rather than hang for 30 secs, activating my lats and looking all graceful, I hang, slip off, hang, slip off, hang, slip off, for the entire 30 secs haha. I am the farthest thing from graceful. BUT I’m working on it. Bit by bit, I will get better, this is how I improve. PRACTICE!

I also hit the gym with Brittany again this morning. Here’s what we did today:

Today’s workout

Today, we focused on arms and back. Again, she tried to kill me with a 5 min stair master warm up. I’m telling you, stair masters need a warm up themselves! hahaha I look so pathetic huffing and puffing as she’s chatting away as if we were sitting drinking coffee! Ugh, again, I’ll only improve with practice, right?

Because we both have dodgy shoulders, we really made sure to warm them up with resistance bands first. Lots of shoulder rotations, in all directions, making sure the shoulders were well warmed and well lubricated before we attempted the workout. Always smart wake up the muscles first!

As you can see from today’s workout, there is nothing too new or crazy involved. Very basic and straight forward exercises that we have been doing for a while now. The difference is that today, they weren’t dispersed with exercises that focused on other body parts, all the focus was on the arms and back. We also did 12 reps in every set. Upping the anti juuuust a little. If I’m being perfectly honest, I never really broke a major sweat in today’s workout. BUT I can feel my arms, especially my triceps and biceps, from todays workout already! And I always feel things worse the second day after ( I haven’t even felt the first day after yet!). So ya, this routine is definitely effective!

Tomorrow we head back to the gym, I believe to do a similar routine to the one we did last week (on my triumphant return to the gym! See that post here). So ya, feeling pretty good about my gym time this week! Plus, getting to hang out with Brittany every day is kind of amazing! Win-win!

What have you fitness freaks been doing to get your sweat on these days?

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I am a self proclaimed gym rat and trail running lover, but I haven't always been. It took me a long time to find the peace and joy that physical fitness can provide!

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