Keeping that fitness train rolling

As promised, Thursday, I went back to the gym with trainer Britt. Honestly, mornings are my favourite time to work out, made all the better by having such an amazing workout partner and motivator! I love starting my day off with a great sweat sesh, and catching up with an amazing friend. It just sets the mood for the rest of the day. I find I am happier and more productive on days we go to the gym together. Here’s what we did on Thursday:

Thursday’s workout

Because Britt is evil, she again started us on the stairmaster. I don’t know why, but that just kills me! Clearly, cardio is where I am weakest! She keeps promising me it’ll get easier and she’s never steered me wrong, but I am still waiting for that day to come haha.

Of all the exercises listed, I think my favourites are the sumo deadlift and the third superset (standing cable row with tricep pull downs). The deadlifts, even though they are not super heavy yet, just always make me feel like a badass! And I always feel better knowing that Britt is keeping an eye on my form and keeping me in line and out of danger. The tricep pull downs are great because I love the look of well defined triceps and you only get that through putting in the work. So put in the work I shall! And the standing cable rows are fun because it’s a great way to sneak in some extra ab work without really having to think about it. No crunches, but still a great abdominal workout along with all the other benefits of the cable row.

Friday, I was off from work, so took the opportunity to start my day with a run. I’m still following the couch to 10 km app, and was on week 9 day 3. My little furry companion ran with me for 4 km of my run, then I handed him off to my husband and continued the rest of the run solo. He’s still in training so I don’t want to over work him or push too hard too soon, even if he is a bundle of energy and can trot beside me as I run. Here’s what Friday’s run looked like:

Friday’s run; week 9 day 3

Runner’s high

I found this run tough, but was really happy with Gambit’s progress, he’s getting stronger every day! He ran 4 km of my 6.64 km total! And by run, I mean he fast trotted beside me, as you can see, I’m not a super fast runner! But that is enough to tire him out, and relax him for the rest of the day, which is perfect. A tired dog is a well behaved dog!

After my hiatus from activity, getting the regular sweat sessions in is feeling amazing! I need to remind myself of this next time I fall off the wagon!

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I am a self proclaimed gym rat and trail running lover, but I haven't always been. It took me a long time to find the peace and joy that physical fitness can provide!

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