Early morning grind and workout tracking

This morning was an extra early workout, but a great one nonetheless. Honestly, I cannot recommend working out with a great partner highly enough. I’m not sure I would have made it to the gym at all, especially that early (which was the only time it worked!) had I not been meeting Trainer Britt. And I am beyond glad I did. It was such a great workout this morning! Not sure why, but I was feeling strong (if a little sleepy) and we had a blast grinding out our workout.

Today our focus was again, a full body workout. Seeing a theme? We are sticking to full body, well-rounded workouts until we get a little further in our program. This is to ensure our bodies are worked evenly, and we build strength, and full range of motion consistently, before we start focusing on one area.

Here is today’s workout:

*SS stands for Superset

The program I use to track my workouts is simply Evernote. It’s not specifically designed for workout charting, however, I already use it anyway, it’s easily edited to display my workouts in a clear, concise lay out, it’s available on all my devices (and syncs between them), AND is searchable. So if I’m in the gym and can’t remember the last weight I used on a specific exercise, I can easily search it, taking the guesswork out at the time. Plus, I can add the checkboxes in and check off sets as I complete them, again, taking all brain work out of my gym session. I like to switch off my brain and fully engage my body, no pesky thinking! haha. I had been using the notes app (but it is not easily searchable), until Trainer Britt turned me on to the Evernote trick! I’m all about simple when it comes to my workouts, including their tracking! I enjoy and highly recommend tracking your workouts. It is wonderful, and highly motivating, to see your progress! You get such a sense of pride when you type in your workouts, especially if they were difficult. Plus you can see it, in plain back and white, your increased distance, rep, set, or weight. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting your body to change, but it’s a slow progress, and results take time and work. By tracking your workouts you can see REAL RESULTS, before you ever notice a change in the mirror (but fear not, it’s coming!). So track those workouts and feel proud of all the hard work that they represent!

How did you move your body today, and what’s your favourite way to track your gym sessions?

Small Victories, Big wins

Yesterday, I enjoyed a lovely and relaxing day at a cottage. I ate what I wanted (Tim Hortons breakfast followed by bacon wrapped chicken rounds and veggies cooked up on the BBQ) and drank what I wanted (coffee then vodka sodas) ALL DAY LONG. It was GLORIOUS. And I repeat? NO GUILT! Everything in moderation! Plus, I interspersed my laziness with dips in the lake where I swam lazy loops as I cooled off. Between the relaxing, fresh air and exercise, I slept like LOG last night!

Getting my cottage on

However, the one thing I didn’t drink enough of yesterday was water. Remember all my big talk about trying to drink 2L a day? Yeah, yesterday was an epic fail! I MAYBE drank 500mL? That is NOT enough! So this morning I woke up thirsty and very sluggish. I really debated if I wanted to go for a run at all this morning. My brain kept telling me how wonderful it would feel to stay in bed. But deep down I knew that a run would feel great and get me craving that water I so desperately needed to top back up. So I got up, got into run gear, ate a Nature Valley Salty Sweet bar, and drank about 500mL of water. Then I set out for my run.

Today’s run was meant to be longer run again (following my couch to 10Km app schedule). 5 min brisk walk, followed by 28 min of running, then a 5 min brisk walk. I knew I wanted to be gentle on both myself and my still healing knee. So I decided to skip the trails with their roots and rocks and mud and hills, and stick to the sidewalks. I am SO GLAD that I decided to go for a run this morning and picked the route I did! It was such a wonderful experience!

After my last few runs on the trails, the sidewalk was just that little bit easier, despite running for longer today. And the weather could not have been more perfect! Sunny and bright with a beautiful cool breeze and no humidity after last nights storm. Everyone I met was in such a wonderful mood! Neighbours, pedestrians, fellow runners, all wished me good morning, or to have a great run, or to enjoy the beautiful day. It seemed like such a small town experience in the city and really made me feel a part of this wonderful runner’s community.

If any of you are feeling like you would love to run outdoors, but are just not at the confidence level to do so, do a little googling for local running groups. I have never seen a community more willing to help or more inclusive then the running community. A great place to start is your local Running Room store. Most have weekly run groups for all levels of runner and all distances. This sense of community and the feeling of running outdoors is an experience worth having!

Another plus to getting my butt out of bed and moving? I hit 5Km today!!!!!! ME! This is my first 5Km street run in YEARS! Actual YEARS!!!!!!! It felt amazing to hit that distance target! And as a little extra icing on an already delicious cake? I beat my Personal Record (PR) for most calories burned on a run, completed 7 of 7 days of workouts, and blew past my Calories burn goal for 7 of 7 days! Honestly, just silly little things but they brought the BIGGEST smile to my face!

5Km!!!! 5!!!!
Small victories

So while it was hard getting up and getting out the door, it was beyond worth it. So moral of my story today? Do the hard things, sometimes they reap the biggest rewards. And ALWAYS celebrate the small victories, often times, they turn out to be the big win.

The two sides of fitness

Thursday, after a glorious thunderstorm, the weather took a change for the better and allowed ideal ultimate frisbee weather! Playing a late game meant that the sun was well down before we even took the field. It was cool from the rain, but still very humid. With the activity, we were quickly sweating buckets. It was an excellent game with both teams in excellent spirits. They are also a team that has been playing a long time and I think that is my favourite type of team to play. Like my team, they are happy we got to play despite the thunderstorm. We are all out to have a great time, sweat a little, everyone wants to have fun. It’s wonderful. Precisely the type of game you want to have when the percent humidity in the air is 93% (nope, that’s not a type).

93%!!!! Also, can you tell when I was on and off the field? 😂

Because it was such a late game, I had a hard time switching my brain off afterwards – a common problem for me, which is why I tend to prefer working out at the start of my day rather than at the end of it. I didn’t get to bed until after 1am! Needless to say, my Friday was a little rougher. I was feeling pretty sluggish and slow, compounded with an unusually heavy day. Again? Fitness was my answer! On my lunch hour I decided to go for a 6.26 km walk. It was precisely what I needed. To get out of the office and get this body moving!

Fresh air makes you smile!
While I made this photo look nice and secluded, there were tons of people out on the paths, jogging, walking, biking, rollerblading. It was great to see so many people out getting active!
I don’t have this in my office!

Despite my beautiful walk, it was still a heavy day that required finishing. So, I talked to my husband as I walked and told him to prepare for ‘ultimate comfort mode’ when I got home. And this is what I came home to:

Poutine and a vodka soda. I think I found a keeper!

I guess, the short version of my long rambling post, is that, I don’t even feel guilty! Haha! And neither should you! We all have ‘cheat days’. We all have days where we could have pushed a little harder or ate a little better, but what matters is that we are trying. We may not always make the best decisions, but we make pretty good ones, pretty consistently haha. Everything in moderation keeps it fun and exciting, rather than restrictive, hard, or boring! If you are really craving that chocolate sundae, that’s ok. Just don’t give in EVERY day. Maybe once a week? I like to eat a little extra on Friday, but maybe Monday you need a little extra boost, so damn it, you’re having cream in your coffee rather than just your regular green tea! This isn’t your free ride ticket to eat whatever you want. Not at all. But it IS your ticket to stop feeling guilty about the chips you ate while waiting for dinner to cook after hitting the gym, working all day, grabbing groceries, and all the myriad other things that life throws in your lap. It’s ok to eat ‘unhealthy ‘, just don’t make it a habit, because we are working towards our healthy daily lifestyle!

How do you treat yourself?

Full body focus

I would be lying if I said I did not feel my workouts from the last two days after a week of barely any training. But to be honest? I am one of those people who just love to feel the burn and have stiff, well used muscles! It makes me feel like the workout I did must have been EPIC haha even though I logically know in this case it was me that changed and not necessarily the workout haha. Whatever the cause, those stiff muscles have given me great sleeps, and super motivated me to hit the gym with Trainer Britt (find her here: http://www.yogi-strong.com).

Today, our focus was a full body workout, which I personally find is a great way to start the day. As I mentioned, one concern for me is my knees, so that was definitely a focus in today’s workout. In our 60 minute session, we did the following:

  • 5 min full body warm up on the rowing machine
  1. Superset (SS) 1: Inclined push up
  2. SS1: Single leg squat with rings
  3. SS2: Romanian deadlift with barbell
  4. SS2: Alternating dumbbell shoulder presses with hold
  5. SS3: Seated cable row
  6. SS3: Kettlebell suitcase carry
  7. SS4: Side plank with oblique dips
  8. SS4: Plank with shoulder taps

For all of these exercises we did 3 sets of each exercise, with a small rest after the second exercise in the superset pair. So for example, I would be doing inclined pushups, while Britt would be doing single leg squats, as soon as we were finished our set, we would switch and start immediately, her doing pushups, me doing squats. Then we would take a small rest, sip some water, and start back into the second set for this superset pair.

1- The inclined pushup: I don’t know about you, but pushups are one of my weakest exercises! They take consistent solid effort, but they ARE attainable! The reason to choose inclined pushups over knee pushups here is purely based on your current fitness level. Think of your body as a lever, the longer the lever, the harder it is to raise, hence knee pushups being less intense than toe pushups. But even after you master the knee pushups, it is a huge jump to toe pushups (at least for me it is!). Inclined pushups, allow you to add weight gradually. Going back to our lever idea, the longer the lever, the harder it is to raise, but the closer it is to vertical, the easier it is to raise! So, once you can handle the knee pushup, try moving to toes, but with your hands on a box set at the highest setting. Remember to keep your core tight, and your glutes engaged and tucked under! Once this feels doable, move the box to the next lower setting. Repeat. Until finally, you are on the level ground! You’ll be doing DECLINED pushups in no time!! (for the record, I am still at the second highest box setting…. I’m a work in progress!). We did 15 pushups in each set.

2- Single leg squat with rings: This exercise takes a bit of patience to find the proper form. And I can not recommend having a buddy watch your form strongly enough! There are so many things to keep in mind, it’s honestly hard to keep them all in your head as a beginner. But having someone give you reminders as you go? Helps so much!!!! The rings are there as a safety net, NOT to lower or pull yourself up. I am working towards pistol squats (where your other leg is straight out in front of you as you lower and raise on the other) but currently, this is out of my reach. For now? I place the the toes of the unused leg GENTLY beside and behind the engaged leg’s foot. This just helps you FEEL more natural and balanced. Try not to put any weight in those toes, all the work should be in the engaged leg doing the squat. Things to remember? Try to keep your weight centred, try not to round your back, and keep an eye on those knees! Make sure they are tracking out over the pinky toes! We did 8 reps per leg in each set.

***The other thing I would like to mention here, is if you are gymming alone, these two exercises can be hard because you know what your ultimate goal should look like (beautiful pushups, and that seemingly elusive pistol squat!), but leave that self consciousness at the door!!! We are all at the gym to sweat and get a good workout! You don’t get to the final product without putting in the work at every step of the game, and that deserves huge respect! Plus anyone you see doing those perfect finished products? Also started exactly where you are! There are no shortcuts!***

3. Romanian deadlift with barbell: For these, I struggle more with my grip then with the actual lift itself. Here we used a 60 lbs barbell, and I felt it in my forearms! Unfortunately, there is nothing to do here except keep working on that grip strength! This exercise, as well as the suitcase carry later, definitely worked on that today! For these, remember to stick your butt out, slow the bar down as you come to the bottom, knees track wide, and keep an eye on that back. You want To keep it straight. Not bowed forward and not curved in at the lower back. Keep that bar nice and tight to your legs as you lower, you want the weight to be as close to you as you can. And lastly, if you struggle with grip strength like me? Focus on squeezing those pinky and ring fingers tight! Here, we did sets of 10. 

4. Alternating dumbbell shoulder press with hold: There is nothing particularly fancy with this workout, but it definitely gets the job done. With these, you want to keep an eye on your form as you get tired (which you will, especially with the hold!). Your wrist should stay over your elbow during and your elbow should stay level with your shoulder during the hold. The tendency when you get tired is to let the weight lean in toward your head, and to let your ‘hold’ arm drop below your shoulder and take a break. No breaks! Feel that burn!!! For these, we used 12.5 lbs dumbbells in each hand, and continued until the other was done her 10 deadlifts.

5. Seated cable row: This exercise is deceptive. If you let your arms do all of the work, you can probably set the weight higher, but not really get the benefits of the movement. Here, your arms are just along for the last little tug of the cable. Realistically, it’s your back that should be the main focus. It helps if you think about squeezing your shoulder blades together, drawing the shoulders back (not up!), and then drawing the arms back to your chest. And when you release, you don’t lean forward. Your back stays firm, straight, and in place during the full set. Today I did 2 sets of 10 at 60 lbs, but then my right shoulder started creeping up towards my ear, so my last set of 10 was done at 55 lbs to ensure I had proper form.

6. Kettlebell suitcase carry: this is a great exercise that works your grip strength, your arms, and your core. It looks exactly like it sounds (carry a kettlebell like a suitcase as you walk) EXCEPT you should leave a gap between the kettlebell and your body, hold it away from you. This makes you use your core to keep you upright and walking straight. And your grip is tested as you hold the weight away from your body. I used a 35 lbs kettlebell and walked an aisle of the gym between machines while Britt did the cable rows. Then we’d switch!

7. Side plank with oblique dips: I have a love hate relationship with core workouts. I LOVE doing them, but oh my they hurt so bad! Haha I tend to count out loud so that I can HEAR that the end is close! For these, you want to stagger your feet, keep your core firm, and lower and raise your hips in line with your body. You don’t want to roll forward or back. And feel the magic happen! One set was 10 per side.

8. Plank with shoulder taps: THIS. This is an excellent core exercise! I’m calling them shoulder taps, I actually tapped the elbow crease of the other arm, but somehow, that didn’t have the same ring to it…. anyway! The goal here is control. I didn’t call these shoulder slaps! Dont frantically hit your arm then slam your hand back down before you fall over. Control. Stay with regular planks until you can hold one for a minute. Then you’ll be set to try these. Start by setting up in a plank in your hands, then slowly lift one hand and place it on the opposite’s arm elbow crease. Hold it for at least one second (can you go for longer??). Then place it back down. Try not to rock your hips as you lift hands either. Trainer Britt says to imagine a full glass of water balancing on your sacrum. You don’t want it to spill as you do this exercise. Engage the core. Firm the glutes. Control. These we did for as long as it took the other person to finish the oblique dips.

And THAT was our workout! Not bad for an hours work!! Left me feeling energized and ready for my day! I even took a 6km walk on my lunch hour! All in all, not a bad move day!

How did you move your body today?

All about the Booty!

So today’s workout is thanks to http://www.self.com. Trainer Britt sent me a link to a resistance band booty workout you can do almost anywhere and told me that that was today’s homework. You can find the full workout with instructions here: https://www.self.com/gallery/resistance-band-butt-workout-you-can-do-anywhere

After having completed this workout, I can tell you that it was definitely a sweat session! I had sweat dripping from my eyelashes! I was expecting some burning muscles, but this was an all around amazing workout! So definitely leave yourself enough time for a shower if you are planning to try this out in the morning like I did. I began with the lightest of 3 resistance bands, but beginners could even start without a band at all. It’s always best to complete the reps with control before moving up a resistance/weight level.

I picked these resistance bands up at The Running Room. There’s a distinct difference between the levels and a convenient carry sac!

If you’re like me, and struggle with tracking the knees over the pinky toes, resistance bands are a great place to start. It helps you really feel the muscles that should be engaging in order to keep those knees where they should be. When you are doing these exercises, be sure to do them slowly and with control. This allows you to ensure your knees stay tracking over the pinky toes, AND the slow movements means more time under tension which equates to more burn and bigger gain! Double bonus!

I am not going to list out the exercises I did as we can take no credit for them, please click the link above for great descriptions and pictures of each movement. One full round took me about 30 min, and I did 2 rounds, so this was a stellar 60 min workout that focused on the booty and got the blood pumping and the sweat pouring!

What did you do today to get your body moving?

Getting back to the Grind

Well, I knew it would be hard to get back into my regular routine, but that I just had to do it. Today, when the alarm went off at 5:45 am, I did NOT want to roll out of bed and get changed into workout clothes. Thankfully, I was prepared for this! I had already arranged this gym date with my trainer, Brittany Lyonette (learn all about her in a previous post), so I was looking forward to seeing her, if not getting out of bed. I had already laid out all my gym gear, prepped breakfast the night before, all that was left was to get up, brush my teeth, grab the goods and get going!

We met at the gym, and had our usual catch up time during our 5 min warm up on the treadmill. The speed is set to 3.8 mph and the incline is set to 3.5, so it’s a nice warm up, not easy but not hard. After that, we hit the weights! This week, we started a new routine so it was all new and exciting for me.

First up was squats using the squat rack. We started with a nice warm up for all the muscles involved doing 12 reps using just the bar (45lbs). Normally, we superset our exercise, but because this was the first time she introduced some of them, she wanted to watch my form, so we did not superset the squats. My knees tend to dip inward (I am very knock kneed!) and when I reach the limit of my range of motion, I tend to drop my chest forward, rather than keeping my back straight. These are both things that Brittany intends to work on me with. She watches carefully and calls me on it any time she sees it so that I can correct it as it is happening and feel the difference between bad form and proper form. After the first set, we upped the weight by adding a 25lbs plate to each side (total of 95lbs). Now to me? this felt like a big jump, but Brittany was right there spotting me and making sure that my form held firm.We proceeded to do 3 sets of 10 reps at 95lbs.

Second, was cable chest flies. Now these I had never done before. I have done dumbbells chest flies, and with the seated machine, but never with the cables. Brittany said that she preferred these, as you also have to stabilize your core as you’re working, and any chance she can sneak in an extra core exercise? She will! These we loaded with 20lbs on each arm and did 3 sets of 10 reps.

The third exercise, we did superset. We have done it together before, so there was no new movements, and she could keep an eye on my form in the mirrors during both exercises. The first, was a back leg raised lunge, holding a 20lbs dumbbell in the same hand as the raised back leg. The trick is to keep the torso straight, and the dumbbell held away from your body, like in a kettlebell suitcase carry. We did 3 sets of 10 reps per leg, superset with kettlebell ‘halos’ using a 15lbs kettlebell. changing direction when the other person changed legs. Now you can tell that we were both a little sleepy, because when I asked her what this exercise was called, pointing at the kettlebell on the floor (having only been shown the movement) she looked at me quizzically and said “a kettlebell” haha! gee thanks, and the movement? we had a good laugh at that. Nothing like laughter during a workout!

The last thing we did in our 60 min workout was another superset of familiar exercises. One of us planked, doing 10 leg raises per side, while the other did mountain climbers for the same amount of time. We did 3 rounds of this.

Then, because I am a later shift this week, we sat and had a well earned coffee. It was GLORIOUS! So, for those of you skimming for the workout, here it is:

  • 5 min treadmill warm up
  • Squats: 1×12 with the bar, 3×10 with 95lbs
  • Cable chest flies: 3×10 with 20lbs each arm
  • SS1 Back leg raised lunges with 20lbs 3×10 per leg
  • SS1 Halos with 15lbs kettlebell
  • SS2 plank with leg raises 3×10 per side
  • SS2 mountain climbers

Now, I can feel my legs are pleasantly burning, and I’m excited for tomorrow’s workout! The best way to start, is just to start!

Staying Hydrated – Why is it so damn hard?

So, today is my first day home after a week of life on the road. I struggle with hydration at the best of times, but on the road, I am seemingly permanently dehydrated. At home, I never go anywhere without a ~16 oz reusable water bottle. My aim is to drink 4 of those a day at least (~64 oz or ~2L). But I STRUGGLE. And? 2L is the recommended amount of fluids…. but that is the BASE level, like minimum amount required for an inactive person. This doesn’t even take into account the amount of fluids you lose during a training session or even on a really hot day! And fluids are incredibly important! They help you feel alert, they help you digest food, they help you regulate your food intake, and you can not burn fat without them! Yet so many of us (myself included) tend to underplay their importance.

The trickiest thing for me is taste. I am very finicky and do not believe that all water tastes the same. I am very sensitive to hard water and dislike the taste of it. I also don’t like the taste of most bottled waters and don’t want to contribute to more plastic waste. This is the biggest source of my dehydration while on the road. One solution I have found are ‘water enhancers’, the little bottles of flavouring that you can squirt into your water for a little shot of flavour. I tend to look for ones with no added sugar, natural flavourings, or the vitamin and electrolyte versions. These are small and compact for travel, but allow me to mask the flavour of unappealing waters slightly. Some tasty ones are (though there are so many to chose from, and the next one I’d like to try is Nuun Hydration tabs):

  • MiO water enhancer
  • Stur water enhancer

The next thing I have done is given up drinking water from glasses. This may sound ridiculous, but I promise there is a method to my madness. If I drink from glasses, I tend to supremely overestimate the amount I’ve drank. I assume glasses are larger than they are, or that I’ve had more refills than I have (ie I lose count of how many glasses I’ve had). Whereas, if I drink from a bottle, it has the measurements right on the side. I can see how much (or how little, as the case may be) that I’ve really had. As an added bonus, I dirty less dishes at home or at my friend’s places, and I can always bring my water with me, even if I’ve just poured it. I tend to gravitate towards bottles that are dishwasher safe so that I can just toss it in with the rest of the dishes and not have to wash it by hand. This keeps them in quick rotation so they are always clean and ready to use. Some great ones are:

  • LifeFactory glass bottles (dishwasher safe)
  • S’well metal bottles (not dishwasher safe, but insulated)
  • Nalgene BPA free plastic bottles (dishwasher safe)
  • Yeti (dishwasher safe AND insulated)

A good way to check if you are drinking enough fluids is to check your urine output (Don’t worry, nothing crazy!). Someone who is properly hydrated will have to pee frequently, and the urine will be a pale, translucent yellow (think diluted lemonade). If your urine is very dark it means that you should up your fluids. Also, don’t wait until you are thirsty! You are already dehydrated by the time you get thirsty, so stay on top of it and try not to leave it until that point.

So now, as I sit in this glorious summer sun and sip from my giant 32 oz Nalgene bottle, I raise it to all my fellow fitness freaks. CHEERS and drink up!

Workouts while travelling part 3: not as I expected

Yesterday was an early morning, with lots to do. Starting with breakfast, and visiting university campuses, dinners, and get togethers, there just didn’t seem to be much time to squeeze in a workout. So, I opted to fit a little fitness in to that schedule by walking to any of the events I could! By the end of the day, I had racked in 8.58 km of walking! Not too shabby for a day I didn’t think I’d get any activity in on!

However, it came at a bit of a cost it would seem. Between the many steps and the high heat, my knee took a step backward on its healing journey. I went to bed with every intention to wake up and do a body weight strength training sesh, but was kept up through the night by my aching knee. Given that I didn’t sleep well, and knowing that a workout would not be wise now, I turned off the alarm I had set and did something unheard of in my world: I slept until 8:45!!!!

When I crawled out of bed I was shocked to see that my knee was even a little bit swollen! Clearly, it had not liked all the walking, carrying a heavy backpack, and 35C heat. So, as hard as it is for me to do, today turned into a rest day. I am keeping it elevated (even on the 1.5 hr drive to my brother in laws), and am taking ibuprofen, and drinking lots of water.

I have another obstacle race in July so I don’t want my knee to be any kind of a problem for that. So, I’m calling it now, tomorrow is also going to be a rest day. I travel home tomorrow so I will keep it elevated and protected and won’t put any extra force on it by trying to do a strength training session in the morning.

Normally, biking would be what I turn to faced with a knee injury, but without access to a gym or a bike, that is not a realistic option currently. The best I can do is rest up and hope I can get back to my regular routines soon! I’m not gonna lie, im disappointed, but I’m hoping that this will be healed quickly and that I can get back to training soon.

Workouts while traveling Part 2: I did it!!!!

Well folks, I did it!!!!!! I woke up and the sun was shining, and my workout clothes were set out and ready for me, so I threw them on, grabbed my running shoes, and headed out for a morning jog!

Last night I had scoped out the university, so I figured that would be a lovely place to run this morning. So, I pointed my feet in that direction and off I went! Oh man, it brought back SOOOOO many memories for me. I really only started to get fit later in life, near the end of my undergrad life, start of my grad life. So jogging around a campus (even one that’s not mine) brought me right back to my early days of fitness. I was too intimidated by the gym to really use anything other than cardio machines so running was the first thing I really got into. Passing all the sleepy eyed students, clutching their books, bags, and coffees – some things really never change!

On my run, I found the university soccer field, so I did a few laps around the field, really enjoying the soft turf and how gentle it was on my knees. It allowed me to really focus on my form and breathing being on flat easy terrain. BUT, today was a HOT RUN!!!!! I’m more used to running on trails, shaded from the sun by trees, whereas today, running on concrete under a very hot and humid sky reminded me just how hot city races can be! I have done, and plan to do a few more, trail and obstacle races this summer, but my goal is a 10 km city race at the end of the summer. So I should probably start doing some runs on city streets to get me used to the concrete and sun!

Have shoes, will run!
That was a hot run! But 4.85 km DONE!
Excuse me as I collapse on this air conditioned hotel floor!

That combined with walking the city, I will easily make my step goal for today, and with the run, I met my active minutes and active calorie goals already. All in all, I am feeling very accomplished! This is officially the FIRST time I have gone for a morning jog in a new city, while travelling! And it was a GREAT start to the day and got me thinking about my longer term goals!

I’d love to hear from you, what fitness step did you take today that you are proud of?

Workouts while travelling part 1: preparation

So today, I’m back on the road again after only one day at home. And while I managed to get a run in yesterday morning, all of this travel is really putting a damper on my training. Especially when the cheapest hotel you can find doesn’t have a hotel gym……

Enjoying some sun while my husband drives

My goal this week, will be to find ways to get my sweat sessions in in a new city, with a busy schedule, and no hotel gym! Now I know a lot of you are thinking that running in a new city is a great way to get to know it, but I am extremely directionally challenged and always a little nervous to do that. BUT I did pack my running gear! So perhaps I’ll find the courage to give it a try!

As far as packing preparation goes, I like to travel light, but be prepared. So I brought only the essentials for a workout.

  • Running shoes
  • Gym Socks
  • Gym shorts
  • Gym tank
  • Gym bra
  • Water bottle (I never go anywhere without one)
  • And SPI belt (small personal item belt, IDEAL for the bare essentials like a phone and room key!)

SPI belt while empty

SPI belt with cell phone and room key inside

With these, I can run outdoors or do a body weight workout in the hotel room or in a park. Either way, I don’t add unnecessary weight to my suitcase but can still get a good workout in with limited time and resources.

Update: I’ve now arrived at my destination after a day of driving. I was able to work 40 min of walking in by choosing a dinner location we could walk to. I’ve mapped out a route I could run on tomorrow, and still mulling possible hotel room workouts, depending on what the weather has in store for me in the morning!

Wish me luck, I am determined to get SOMETHING in tomorrow!

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