Keeping that fitness train rolling

As promised, Thursday, I went back to the gym with trainer Britt. Honestly, mornings are my favourite time to work out, made all the better by having such an amazing workout partner and motivator! I love starting my day off with a great sweat sesh, and catching up with an amazing friend. It just sets […]

Training; old legs and new

Ok, my fellow fitness freaks. I am FINALLY getting back into some semblance of a routine! Last week, I managed to hit the gym with trainer Britt! It. Felt. Wonderful!!!!! We did a new routine, so it was all fresh and interesting and challenging. It felt so great to be moving my body again, trying […]

Running out the Anxiety and the Nike Run Club App

One of the major reasons I got into activities in the first place was my anxiety. I wanted to find somewhere to put all that nervous energy I generated. Wanted to find something to tire myself out sufficiently to get even a little sleep at night. I refer to my brain as a hamster on […]

Conditioning and the Daily Grind

This week and last has felt pretty good in the fitness department. I haven’t gotten a whole lot of runs in, but strength training and fun fitness activities have been prevalent. As you can see, last week I did something active every day. I try to spread out the different types of activities, so that […]

Early morning grind and workout tracking

This morning was an extra early workout, but a great one nonetheless. Honestly, I cannot recommend working out with a great partner highly enough. I’m not sure I would have made it to the gym at all, especially that early (which was the only time it worked!) had I not been meeting Trainer Britt. And […]

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